Tesco Bank Personal Loan

17/01/2023 - 3 min of reading

The personal loan can have satisfying and pleasurable purposes.

Achieving the dream of owning your own home or renovating your existing one, buying a new car, paying your college tuition, starting a business, or even taking that long-desired trip are just a few of the many possibilities.

All these projects need a lot of investment. Some more, some less, the fact is that it is necessary to already have an amount of money available.

Positive Points Negative Points
One of the fastest releases on the market, in 2 hours your money is in your account. It is necessary to be of legal age to request your personal loan line.
Up to 120 months to pay off your installments. Proof of residence and address are required.

You can seek credit at banks and financial institutions; depending on the amount and the need for the loan, you can do the whole process online and receive the credit in your current account.

The main characteristic of this money is that it is free to use. That is: there is no need to indicate what the application will be.

In exchange for this concession, the finance company charges a monthly interest rate, which varies according to the company's policy and the negotiation with the contractor. 

Other factors can influence the amount, such as the total amount lent and the client's credit analysis.

To obtain personal credit it is only necessary to have an account with a financial institution, which can be a current account, a salary account, or even a credit card.

Then the installments will be paid monthly at the agreed rate, with no automatic discounts or withholding payments.

The only requirements are that the contracting party must be of legal age, have a valid identity document and other valid personal documents, and be a resident in the country.

An important differential is that any type of professional can apply for personal credit, from self-employed to public servants or employees in the private sector.

In addition, it is possible to find institutions that do not require collateral, as is the case with Tesco Bank.

No Hidden Fees
No hidden fees for the loan application
Approval rate
One of the highest approval rates
No paperwork
No paperwork when applying for a loan
Payment terms
Payment terms of up to 120 months

Tesco Bank offers unique and special benefits to its applicants; it has been operating in the financial market for decades, making dreams come true.

In this publication we will show you these and many other benefits that make Tesco Bank your best option.

Payment breaks

Tesco Bank offers you the possibility to pause your payments for 2 months, if for some reason you are not able to pay your installments.

These and other concessions you can only find in Tesco Bank, click on the following button and see more:

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You can obtain the money requested from the institution in less than 2 hours from the application, being this one of the fastest release services of the financial market.

When you need it

The institution also allows you to take more than one loan in case you need it, that is, if some time later you need another amount, you have this possibility in Tesco Bank.

All these benefits are a specialty of Tesco Bank, if they are what you are looking for, click on the button below and make sure:

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