Macquarie Reward Points Credit Card

16/01/2023 - 1 min of reading

With the Macquarie Black Card, you'll have access to the Macquarie Rewards program, which offers 2 points for every $1 spent with your card on qualifying purchases. Redeem cards and Gift using the Macquarie Marketplace, from over 50 popular retailers including Myer, Woolworths and Amazon.

Positive Points Negative Points
Protection of your account and personal information It has an annual fee
Tools for budgeting and saving To apply for the card you need the following documents
Transaction Notifications

With the Macquarie Black card you are not charged fees for card purchases made or processed outside, but others, such as international merchant banks and foreign ATM operators, may charge fees for these transactions.

The Macquarie Authenticator application provides an extra layer of security that helps protect your account and personal information, and is the safest way to authenticate. It is a mobile application that sends actionable notifications to you to approve or deny online transactions and account activity.

Digital tools for travel
Earn up to $54 in gift cards when you spend $5,000 per month
Additional Cards
Up to 4 free additional cardholders
No international purchase fees

Forms of Payment

You can add your Visa credit card to your cell phone or wearable with Apple pay and Google pay. If you lose your card there is no need to wait for another one to arrive, keep using mobile payments in place of your lost, stolen or damaged card. Click the button below and apply for your card:

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Safe and secure

  • Overseas Travel Insurance for you, your spouse and dependent children;
  • Extended Warranty on your purchases;
  • Interstate Flight Inconvenience Insurance.

International purchases

There are no international purchase fees when you make purchases abroad or with international online retailers, you receive the Visa exchange rate, with no additional fees or charges.

Interest Free Periods

Enjoy up to 55 days interest-free on purchases. Need a balance transfer? Get a balance transfer at 0% p/a for 14 months from credit card approval. Plus, keep your interest-free period on purchases. Click the button below and apply for your card:

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