World’s Scariest Man shows huge size difference to wife

World's Scariest Man shows huge size difference to wife
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Martyn Ford, known as the World’s Scariest Man, is currently deep in preparations for his April 2 bout against bitter rival the Iranian Hulk (Sajad Gharibi) – and is being supported in his new career by wife Sacha.

The 6ft 9in actor and bodybuilder has been training for his boxing debut over the past few months, and is regularly joined in the gym by his loyal partner.

Ford, who has racked up over 3.5million followers on Instagram, shares three children with Sacha, and has pledged to do them proud at The O2 arena next month.

With only a matter of weeks to go until the big night, Martyn and Sacha posed together on social media – leaving some baffled over their noticeable height difference.

World's Scariest Man Martyn Ford has the full support of wife Sacha
World’s Scariest Man Martyn Ford has the full support of wife Sacha

He captioned the upload: “Every day, one step closer …. no rest days … even dragged the boss into the gym with me.”

One user replied: “Why is she so small?”

Gharibi, who stands at 6ft 2in tall, reportedly weighs in at 390lbs (177kg) meaning he will have a huge height disadvantage against his 6ft 8in foe Ford, who weighs 320lbs.

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Sacha Stacey and Martyn Ford attend the World Premiere of "Final Score" at Ham Yard Hotel on August 30, 2018 in London, England.
Martyn Ford and wife Sacha have three children together

Ford, who clashed with the Iranian Hulk on their first meeting last month, wasn’t always the muscle bound giant he is today.

The 39-year-old, who has started in films such as Fast & Furious 9 and Final Score, has been open about suffering from anxiety as a youngster before gaining confidence.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Sport, he said of that time: “It allowed depression and anxiety to creep in. I was obsessed with trying to become something that I wasn’t.

World’s Scariest Man Martyn Ford has stepped up in his preparations for the fight

“It was obvious I wouldn’t be able to make it as a cricketer but I wanted to do something in the fitness industry.

“I became obsessed with having a six pack. I was naive to food and the way the media portrays fitness individuals.

“I had a lot of pressure on my shoulders from myself to look a way and to be a certain way. It was also a lack of knowledge, I was only young at the time.”


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