What You Should Know About EyeMed Vision Insurance

If you’re interested in eye care, EyeMed vision insurance may be right for you. This insurance company offers discounts on eye exams, contact lenses, and LASIK surgery. If you’re interested in a plan, read on to learn how to apply for the plan. There are some important things you should know before you sign up for EyeMed vision insurance. Listed below are some of the things you should know before signing up.
EyeMed is the fastest-growing vision insurance company in the U.S.

In 2012, EyeMed announced that it had added over 3 million new members to its network. The company had also enjoyed robust enrollment among its existing clientele. With its expanding client list, the company is on track to add another 1.5 million members this year. Some of EyeMed’s largest clients include Walgreens, Southwest Airlines, and the State of Tennessee. These companies are among the fastest-growing vision insurance companies in the U.S.

The eye insurance company is a part of the Luxottica group of companies, which include brands like Oakley and Ray-Ban. The company also sponsors the OneSight program, which focuses on improving vision by conducting outreach and research. Its associates are driven by a common passion for preserving eyesight around the world. EyeMed SEBB also offers 40% off a second pair of glasses at participating in-network providers.

To help keep pace with this rapid growth, EyeMed is constantly making changes to its products and services to make their product more appealing to consumers. For example, it has added new lens options that make purchasing optical products easier, and it has simplified the process of in-network and out-of-network services. Moreover, it works with independent providers and a large network of retail providers. Members pay designated plan co-pays and any charges after plan allowances and discounts. This allows members to budget their optical purchases and keep costs down.

EyeMed Vision Care is the second largest vision benefits company in the U.S. with over 33 million members. It strives to be the first choice for vision benefits in America. The company offers an extensive network of independent eye care professionals, including eye doctors, ophthalmologists, and optical retailers. Its Member Portal allows members to access the member-only resources through mobile apps, interactive tutorials, and a comprehensive eye doctor search.

EyeMed is the fastest-growing vision insurance provider in the U.S. Members save an average of 71% on the retail cost of eye exams and glasses at participating in-network eye doctors. With over 44,000 provider access points nationwide, the company has a nationwide reach. The network includes thousands of retail and online providers. Its mission is to make vision care more accessible to all Americans.
It offers discounts on eye exams

For members of the AAA Vision Care plan, EyeMed Vision offers discounts on eye exams and other services. These discounts are valid at participating locations, and are automatic and apply toward the total cost of eyewear. Out-of-network locations require an opt-in form, which you can fill out online. During the opt-in process, you’ll be asked to enter your EyeMed member ID number. Those who do not have this number will be required to provide it upon purchase of the services.

AARP members can also receive vision discount benefits by using EyeMed. AARP members can receive nationwide savings on eyewear, eye exams, and contacts at participating locations. EyeMed Vision is an AARP Discount Health Operator. The discounts cannot be combined with any other discount or promotion. Federal programs do not cover eye exams and other vision care services on a discount or complimentary basis. Some eye care providers may not carry Transitions(r) lenses, and not all will honor all discounts.

EyeMed Vision Care offers substantial discounts on eye exams and eyeglasses. Discounts can apply to glasses, contact lenses, and refractive surgery. Plans can vary in benefits and cost, but typically offer a frame allowance between $110 and $130. Additionally, members can choose from a selection of brands and styles for their eyewear. Members of EyeMed Vision Care can save up to 73% on their eye exams.

Members can also take advantage of additional benefits offered by EyeMed. Members can get up to 40% off an additional pair of frames or lenses. Other discounts can include discounts on frames and lenses, non-prescription sunglasses, and even other accessories. Several discounts may apply to each of these items. If you’re eligible for EyeMed vision benefits, it’s worth checking into the plan. There’s no reason to go without eye care.
It offers discounts on contact lenses

If you are interested in saving money on contact lenses, you may want to join EyeMed’s Vision Care program. EyeMed offers member discounts on contact lenses and glasses at participating independent providers and retailers. You can enroll in the program by calling 1.866.4-EYEMED, and follow the automated prompts. The first step in enrolling is to obtain your member ID. This number breaks down costs for in-network and out-of-network providers into a unique grid.

The company administers the AARP Vision Discounts. These discounts apply to eye exams, contact lenses, and eyewear in participating stores nationwide. Members can use their membership card to get the discounts. These discounts are not valid in conjunction with other offers, and they do not apply to Oakley NFL sunglasses or Varilux lenses. These discounts are off tag prices, and do not carry cash value. You can get the same discounts at different stores or online.
It offers discounts on LASIK

There are several options for people who are interested in receiving discounted LASIK surgery. One option is to purchase an EyeMed vision insurance plan. This policy costs $5 per month and can help you save hundreds of dollars each year. EyeMed vision insurance is especially beneficial for people who plan on having LASIK. Whether you are planning on having the procedure performed for cosmetic or medical reasons, you’ll want to consider a vision insurance plan.

The benefits of EyeMed vision care membership include discounts on LASIK and PRK procedures. As a member, you’ll receive fifteen to twenty-five percent off regular charges and five percent off promotional prices. EyeMed’s partnership with over 600 LASIK surgeons also offers discounts. If you don’t have vision insurance, you can still get a discount on your LASIK surgery by signing up for the company’s cosmetic surgery program.

Medicare and most private health insurance companies don’t cover LASIK. But you can contact your employer’s benefits coordinator to see if they offer coverage for this procedure. Some plans will provide partial coverage for the procedure, but you’ll likely need to pay for it yourself. If you’re self-employed or have vision insurance, you can also take advantage of EyeMed vision insurance plans. There are many types of vision insurance plans, so be sure to check with your provider to determine which one would be best for you.

In addition to discount LASIK surgery, EyeMed vision insurance plans offer discounts on eye exams, prescription glasses, and contact lenses. You can save as much as 70 percent on annual eye exams and glasses through EyeMed vision insurance plans, and you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality. You can even choose premium brand frames and lenses, and you can get 20% off selected frames. EyeMed has more than four thousand participating doctors across the country, so your vision insurance can cover many more options for eye care.


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