Tom Hiddleston is Trending on Twitter For the Strangest Reason

Tom Hiddleston is Trending on Twitter For the Strangest Reason
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Despite Loki season 1 creating plenty of questions, fans on Twitter only want to know what Tom Hiddleston will be wearing to an upcoming BTS event.

Loki star Tom Hiddleston was trending on Twitter this week because of a sweater. The RADA-trained actor gained international fame for portraying Loki, the adopted younger brother of Thor, in the MCU. Hiddleston first portrayed the god of mischief in Thor in 2011 and has portrayed the character eight times total in the MCU, including voicing Loki for Disney+’s animated series What If…?. Hiddleston’s Loki proved to be a fan favorite, which pushed Marvel Studios to give the character his own TV show, even after the main timeline’s Loki had been killed.

Loki season 1 was well-received and fiercely discussed online. On March 2, the Royal Television Society will host a “Loki: Behind the Scenes” event, which Hiddleston is expected to attend along with costar Sophie Di Martino (Sylvie) and director Kate Herron. The event has promised to uncover exclusive details about the making of Loki season 1, hopefully answering some of the many questions Loki’s six episodes created during its time-bending romp.


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Yet, despite Loki season 1 ending in a cliffhanger, that isn’t the question Hiddleston’s fans on Twitter seem to need answering. Instead, the Loki star has been trending because of his fashion choices. Hiddleston has been noted wearing the same blue sweater for years now, and fans are eager to find out if the actor will don it again for the “Loki: Behind the Scenes” event. The trending topic even inspired one Twitter user to create a new meme. Check out some of the Tweets below:

As silly as it may seem, the Twitter users tracking Hiddleston’s sweater have a point. While Hiddleston has admitted before to wearing his clothes until they fall apart, some sources indicate that the blue sweater has been in Hiddleston’s rotation as early as 2015. If he wears it to the BTS event on Wednesday, the sweater’s career will almost be as long as Hiddleston has been with the MCU.

As much fun as Hiddleston’s Twitter fans have obsessed over his faithful blue sweater, there is no doubt they are just as eager for any information about Hiddleston’s role in the MCU. Hiddleston has won several awards for his performances as Loki in various MCU titles, including a People’s Choice Award for Loki season 1, and has received even more nominations. Still, now that he is playing a new variant of the character, Marvel has an opportunity to explore a new direction with Hiddleston. As rumors still circle about Hiddleston‘s Loki appearing in the upcoming MCU Phase 4 films, fans can only wait and see where Loki pops up next.

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