The Case for a Marvel’s Thor Game

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Few characters have had bigger turnarounds in recent years than Marvel’s version of Thor. This is thanks in large part to the mcu, as his version of Thor struggled to find his footing in his early solo films despite being well-cast. However, Thor: Ragnarok and Taika Waititi’s brilliant work with the character instantly turned things around, making him just as likable as any other character in the mcu. Now, fans cannot get enough of the character and many are looking forward to Thor: Love and Thunder.


While the mythological version of Thor is set to feature as one of the threats Kratos will face in God of War: Ragnarok, a solo game starring the Marvel version of the Norse god could be worthwhile. From Marvel’s Avengers to marvel ultimate alliance 3, Thor’s video game appearances have always led to a version of the hero that feels incredibly limited in what he can do. With a proper solo game, though, no restraints would be present, allowing Thor’s potential to be fully realized.

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What a Thor Game Could Accomplish

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A standalone Thor game’s most exciting aspect would undoubtedly be unique settings like Asgard. Being able to fly through and around the golden city could be incredible, with Thor able to reach far greater speeds and heights than he can in Marvel’s Avengers. Further, the developer of this solo Marvel game could go beyond Asgard, exploring a number of memorable locations.

Elden Ring‘s brilliant open field approach could be used to let players experience open world versions of each realm. Players could travel to Midgard, exploring a modern-day New York City before entering a building like Avengers Tower to experience a more tightly crafted gameplay section. The fiery Muspelheim could offer plenty to explore, with Thor flying around the area quickly to see all the side content. Once ready, players could progress the main story via a linear level where they do battle with Surtur.

Aside from an Elden Ring-like approach to the Nine Realms, Thor is the perfect character for an RPG due to his powers. Players could invest in skill trees to unlock a number of different lightning attacks, with upgrades for Mjolnir that boost its damage and speed. The weapon could function similarly to god of war‘s Leviathan Axe, with players assigning special runes to it in order to add on some special maneuvers. Like God of War’s Blades of Chaos, players could acquire Stormbreaker partway through the game, adding a heavier weapon type to Thor’s arsenal.

Countless cosmetics for Thor could be featured, from Unworthy Thor to his mcu Gladiator armor. Collectible comics could be a fine item to search for, and they could function like the comics in The Amazing Spider-Man games. After players collect a certain number of comics through fight challenges or from hidden chests, they could unlock a comic book to read in the game. Collecting all the comics could be a fun enough endgame activity, as Thor’s flight would make collectible hunting quick and fun instead of tedious.

Interacting with Thor’s supporting cast could be great, and characters like Heimdall, Odin, and Loki could even serve as summons to assist Thor in battle. Thor also has plenty of enemies that a developer could incorporate, from the Dark Elves to major threats like Gorr the God Butcher. Currently, no Thor game is known to be in the works, but it is hard not to see the potential that such a game would have. If a developer leans into the character’s power and takes full advantage of the Nine Realms, a Thor game could be a must-play experience.

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