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Spider-Man Villains Morbius and Lizard Fuse Into One Terrifying Monster

Spider-Man Villains Morbius and Lizard Fuse Into One Terrifying Monster
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While Peter Parker thought he was teaming up with Ben Reilly, the original Spider-Man has been told to face a Morbius/Lizard monster alone.

Warning! Contains a preview for Amazing Spider-Man #92

In a new preview for Marvel Comics’ Amazing Spider-Manthe Webslinger’s classic villain known as the Lizard has been transformed thanks to the vampire Morbius. Becoming a dark and monstrous hybrid of the two villains, the creature has been released by none other than Spider-Man’s clone Ben Reilly. While Peter Parker thought the two of them were teaming up to take the Beyond Corporation down, it seems as though Ben has other plans due to his recent memory loss.

In previous issues of Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker has been recovering in the hospital due to radiation poisoning while his clone Ben Reilly has become a replacement Spider-Man backed by the Beyond Corporation. However, Beyond has ulterior motives such as creating the threats and villains it wants its heroes to face, using superpowered fights as distractions so it can destroy or procure whatever its clients want during the mayhem to not arouse suspicion. Beyond has also recently manipulated Ben’s mind to make him more compliant. But the process has unintended consequences when Beyond accidentally removes core memories Ben received from Peter himself (such as Uncle Ben’s lessons about power and responsibility).


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Now, the preview from Amazing Spider-Man #92 from Kelly Thompson, Jed MacKay, Fran Galán, Sara Pichelli, and Zé Carlos sees Peter dealing with the actions of an erratic Ben Reilly. While the Daughters of the Dragon thankfully show up to help the original Spider-Man out, Ben unleashes the monster behind Beyond’d mysterious Door Z before bailing. This monster is revealed to be the Lizard injected with the vampiric blood of Dr. Michael Morbius, transforming him into an even bigger monster complete with wings and undoubtedly sharper teeth with a taste for blood. Here are the preview pages and the synopsis for the upcoming issue:


BEYOND, CHAPTER EIGHTEEN- WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LIZARD?! And what could he (or more accurately, it, after recent ASM events) possibly have to do with what has been battering Ben Reilly around? Only one issue to go, so you know, BIG STUFF IS HAPPENING HERE!!!

While Ben Reilly has some severe issues going on, his return to Beyond’s headquarters does suggest he might have a plan to get his memories back. However, he also makes sure that he won’t be followed by Peter, hence his release of the giant vampire version of the Lizard to keep him and the Daughters busy. Does this mean Ben is planning to do something morally questionable Peter wouldn’t agree with?

ace this current “Beyond” era of The Amazing Spider-Man is about to come to a close, it’s going to be interesting to see where Ben ends up. With Peter Parker finally out of the hospital, it certainly seems as though he’s about ready to resume his Webslinging activities once more. Fans will just have to wait and see what’s in store for Ben Reilly’s Spiderman (and the giant vampire Morbiuslizard hybrid) when the full issue releases on March 9th.

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