She-Hulk vs Wonder Woman Would Be An Easy Fight (And Not Even Close)

She-Hulk vs Wonder Woman Would Be An Easy Fight (And Not Even Close)
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Marvel Comics’ She-Hulk and DC Comics’ Wonder Woman are some of the most iconic female superheroes. There’s one clear victor, but who is it?

It’s safe to say wonder Woman and she hulk are two of the most popular superwomen in DC and Marvel comic books. Wonder Woman’s creation was ahead of its time. Amid World War II in 1941, she paved the way for hundreds of other inspirational superheroines. One of the heroes Diana inspired was undoubtedly She-Hulk, AKA Jennifer Walters—the cousin of the Incredible Hulk who received his Hulk powers after a blood transfusion. While Diana of Themyscira and Jennifer Walters have many personality differences, they have one thing in common: their level of physical strength. Diana and Jen regularly accomplish and surpass various feats. However, one of these superpowered women is actually much stronger than the other, but who is it?


When it comes to weightlifting, punching, and kicking, Jennifer Walters is one of the most powerfully built superheroes in the world. Jen can singlehandedly carry the Thing of the Fantastic Four, which weighs more than 500 pounds. She’s also defeated a Thanos clone in Dan Slott and Rick Burchett’s she hulk #13. It’s worth noting that this clone had the exact strength and durability level as the Mad Titan himself, who often defeats the original Hulk. Unlike her cousin, Jen can maintain her intelligence and personality as She-Hulk. She can then sacrifice her control to become a savage version of herself who emits loads of gamma radiation. How does Diana stack up against Jen’s vast array of skills?

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Wonder Woman is easily one of the most legendary women in the DC Multiverse. She frequently carries massive objects, from tanks to planes. On top of her physical strength, she also has her trusty Lasso of Truth, two Bracelets of Submission, a Boomerang Tiara, and her protective Gold Armor, which she dawns during her most intense battles. While Superman, Supergirl, and Power Girl manage to overpower Wonder Woman at times, Diana has evidently defeated these allies before too. These triumphs prove Wonder Woman is about as offensive as a Kryptonian, with additional weapons training. However, when considering her capabilities against She-Hulk, Diana’s most noteworthy attribute is her training to defeat mythological monsters with ease.

While Jen is a strong character, she has no luck against Wonder Woman. Even in her more monstrous state, She-Hulk would merely be another unhinged creature for Diana to take down. Wonder Woman would totally demolish the Savage She-Hulk and wouldn’t even have to try against the Sensational She-Hulk. According to a 2005 wizard magazine, Diana’s strength level is “100+ tones,” classifying her as the strongest comic book superheroine—beating other powerful characters like Rogue, Power Girl, and Wonder Girl. While wizard categorizes Jennifer Walters as the most muscular woman in Marvel Comics, she still isn’t as strong as DC Comics’ Supergirl or Mary Marvel.

Some could argue that She-Hulk’s limited strength makes her a better character than Diana, which is a fair judgment. Still, Wonder Woman has iconic and inspirational moments in her comics history, whether it’s her struggles for world peace or helping to lead the Justice League. She-Hulk versus Wonder Woman is actually a perfect illustration of the competition between Marvel and DC Comics. Despite the occasional friction, fans generally unite and crave both kinds of stories. Whether there are grounding she hulk tales people can relate to or wonder woman comic books that illuminate ideals to surpass human limitations, Marvel and DC offers some of the most influential fictional universes in today’s world.

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