She-Hulk could be the next DLC character coming to Marvel’s Avengers

She-Hulk could be the next DLC character coming to Marvel's Avengers
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Crystal Dynamics hasn’t yet released its content roadmap for Marvel’s Avengers for 2022, but the studio already confirmed they have plans to keep supporting their action-adventure game in the new year. While the roadmap is expected to be shared some time in early 2022, it seems we may have gotten our first clue as to who the next DLC character could be.

On Twitter, there is reports that Krizia Bajos will be playing Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk, in the game. And while I’m normally skeptical of things that stem from Twitter, it should be noted that the rumor comes from the same person who previously leaked Christopher Judge as the voice of Blank Panther before the official announcement. So there’s at least some credibility here with the track record.

It’s unclear if She-Hulk is the next character planned for Marvel’s Avengers, but this would at least seem to confirm that she is at least still coming to the game. She-Hulk was one of the heroes previously leaked for Marvel’s Avengers along with Winter Soldier, War Machine and Captain Marvel. Assuming Crystal Dynamics’ plans have not changed, it’s possible we could see one or two of these characters debut in Marvel’s Avengers in the next year.

So far, Crystal Dynamics has added four characters to the game post launch: Kate Bishop (Dec. 8, 2020), Clint Barton (March 18, 2021), Black Panther and (August 17, 2021), most recently, Spider-Man (November 30, 2021). Spider-Man is the only character of the group to be exclusive to PlayStation consoles. Given Crystal Dynamics’ speed in which they’ve been pumping out new characters — about one every one every coupe of months — it’s possible that we could get three new characters in Marvel’s Avengers next year.

She-Hulk would be a perfect addition as the comic book character is set to make her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut on Disney+ sometime in 2022. Her character will be played by Tatiana Maslany in the MCU.

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