Scarlet Witch’s OTHER Son Deserves to Lead the New Young Avengers Team

Scarlet Witch's OTHER Son Deserves to Lead the New Young Avengers Team
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As Marvel teases a new Young Avengers team, Scarlet Witch’s overlooked her Speed ​​deserves to come to the fore as the group’s leader.

One of the members of the original Marvel Comics team the young avengers is often overlooked and undervalued, but after a lot of maturing, the Scarlet Witch’s other his, Speed, deserves to lead his own team of young superheroes. Not only is Tommy incredibly powerful, with the same power set as his uncle Quicksilver, but he has also grown a lot since his first introduction, and many of the other original Young Avengers are otherwise preoccupied.

Tommy Shepherd is the child of Wanda Maximoff and Vision, conveyed to life via Mephisto and then reincarnated with human parents. None of this is known in the original run of young avengerswhen the newly formed team break Tommy out of super-powered juvenile detention, and it was not until the series Avengers: The Children’s Crusade that the full truth of Tommy and Billy’s parentage came out. Since his introduction as Speed, Tommy has been an impulsive, brash, and mischievous character, but he has recently matured and seemingly become more comfortable in his skin and with his powers, making him the perfect leader for the new generation of young heroes teased in Marvel’s recent Timeless one shot.


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Speed ​​is a mutant with immense power and control over his abilities, once referring to his speed-abilities as “Quicksilver fast,” referencing the power of his uncle Pietro. He has been shown to run faster than the speed of sound, has incredibly enhanced strength while running, and can also use his kinetic powers to vibrate the molecules of objects he touches, causing them to explode. Besides his incredible power, Tommy has also “settled down” a bit after meeting his current boyfriend Prodigy after he left the Young Avengers. In the Marvel’s Voices: Pride anthology Tommy reports that he has never been one to put a label on himself, but accepting his queer sexuality has coincided with him becoming more comfortable and secure, offering his allies support rather than dismissiveness or provocation.

Young Avengers Speed

Scarlet Witch’s other son, Wiccan, has often been the star of the show, with his long-term relationship and eventual marriage to his Young Avengers teammate Hulkling featuring in many stories, and the two of them now acting as major players in the Marvel Universe , ruling the Kree/Skrull alliance. Joining the team after his brother, Speed ​​never got the same development, and it is far past time that Tommy got some stories focused on him, especially because of the emotional growth seen in his cameo appearances with Prodigy in X Factor and The Trial of Magneto. As Kang teases a new iteration of the Young Avengers is near, it would be ideal for the team to have at least one returning member to continue the group’s legacy, and Speed ​​is the perfect candidate.

While Speed’s appearances have been inconsistent since young avengers, his personal development is emphasized whenever he returns, charting a compelling story of growth. In the recent Trial of Magneto, he is able to stand up to his mother and make her take accountability for her actions. Not only would Speed ​​make a great leader now that he has grown so much since his introduction, but many of his Young Avengers teammates simply are not available to lead the new team, with Wiccan, Hulkling, America Chavez, Hawkeye, Noh-Varr, and others all intimately involved in other teams or events, and Iron-Lad, Young Vision, and Kid Loki simply no longer existing.

Trial of Magneto #4 Wanda Scarlet Witch and Tommy Speed

Speed ​​sits at a unique intersection where Young Avengers fans feel they know Tommy and have witnessed his growth, and yet have incredibly few stories where he’s a central character. Now would be the perfect time to tap Speed ​​to act as the team lead and mentor for the next generation of youthful superheroes. Speed ​​has the charisma, power, legacy, and connections to be an ideal leader, and it would be incredibly helpful for a new team to have a slightly older, more experienced leader who could guide them in their heroics. The hero Speedson of the Scarlet Witchhas not been utilized enough in Marvel Comics, but hopefully the future will give Tommy the spotlight as the leader of the young avengers.

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