Ryan Reynolds And Shawn Levy Won’t Be Rushing Into Free Guy 2

Free Guy 2 Ryan Reynolds
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Last year’s video game blockbuster turned out so well that Disney wants in on Free Guy 2, but Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy are in no hurry.

Free Guy 2 Ryan Reynolds

Despite the ongoing pandemic, some movies managed to turn a healthy profit in 2021 and one of those was Free Guy. It’s no wonder then that Disney is interested in booking a sequel to the video game comedy, yet Ryan Reynolds wants to make sure it gets done right in case it happens.

For anyone not in the know, Free Guy was 2021’s highest-grossing original film, not counting Chinese productions like Hi Mom!standing out in an industry mostly packed with sequels, superhero movies, and Denis Villeneuve’s dune adaptation. Free Guy generated $331.5m worldwide, running on an estimated budget of $110m, after proving to be a refreshing summer blockbuster that continues to raise the bar for video game movies.


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Nevertheless, Reynolds and director Shawn Levy, who teamed up again for Netflix’s The Adam Project, are rather mindful of their success. The duo told Collider they both “know how hard it is to make a worthy [sequel] one. And when we feel confident that’s the kind we’ll make, then we’ll make it.” The pair expressed their satisfaction over working together on several projects, however, they remain committed to stories, especially in a time and age where fewer original movies get made and even less turn out to be widely successful.

Reynolds admitted they’ve gotten a few calls from Disney to signal interest in a Free Guy 2. However, he said that the idea, tone, and story for a sequel simply have to be in place before they commit to it, no matter how much fun he and Levy had. Judging from the kind of Disney easter eggs Reynolds was able to put in Free Guyit’s clear the duo has an excellent working relationship with the studio.

Of course, the fact that Reynolds is taking a small break from acting before Deadpool 3 won’t boost the odds of getting Free Guy 2 anytime soon, though maybe the actor is right and it’s probably for the best to sit back and wait for the right type of movie to come together again. Free Guy could be a new type of movie in Hollywood considering it manages to use nostalgia in a clever way, not as its sole entertainment value but only as an added component to what is essentially a good movie.

Naturally, Free Guy has many video game easter eggs that are very much worth hunting down now that film is available for streaming on Disney Plus. All things considered, this feel-good movie built an amazing world into which viewers can fully immerse themselves quite easily.

Free Guy is currently available to stream on Disney Plus.

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