Origins of Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Have you ever wondered about the origins of Blue Cross and Blue Shield? If not, you should know about the company’s history in Pennsylvania and its locations in South Carolina. This article will show you how you can easily reach Blue Cross and Blue Shield in South Carolina by using the Moovit app. It will even tell you which locations are closest to your current location. Read on to find out more about the history of this popular health insurance company.
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If you’re a member of BlueCross BlueShield in South Carolina or the nearby BlueChoice HealthPlan SC, you can access their services on demand. These services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and require no appointments. Blue CareOnDemand doctors are U.S. board-certified and average between ten to fifteen years of experience. They are based in South Carolina, and their services are secure and HIPAA-compliant.

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Origin of Blue Cross Blue Shield in Pennsylvania

The Origin of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Pennsylvania dates back to the mid-19th century. The original Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Pennsylvania was a nonprofit corporation. The profits from the premiums were used to pay for medical bills, expand the benefits offered to consumers, and invest in the business. In fact, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Pennsylvania had a thriving business from the mid-1930s until the mid-1990s. The company introduced several innovations that became models for other Blue Cross companies. The Blue Cross program predated Medicare and became the nation’s first “Medicare Part D.” The company introduced a new Medicare plan, called Blue Shield 65-Special, in 1966.


While the Pennsylvania Blue Shield has grown significantly, the company is still deeply engaged in cost containment and internal policing. It has added subsidiaries in related medical fields, including medical office automation systems, a pre-certification center for unnecessary procedures, and a preschool learning center. Still, the company is devoted to helping consumers find an acceptable health insurance program, and it even produced an annual report featuring a roundtable discussion of health care expenses.



The new organization was a success, but enrollment declined during the war years. In the mid-1940s, many members left the state to support the war effort. After World War II, Arthur Daugherty became president of the company. He began recruiting larger accounts, such as the Congress of Industrial Organizations and the United Mine Workers. He also sought out new and larger accounts, thereby growing MSAP’s size and influence.



After the Civil War, the Pennsylvania Blue Cross and Blue Shield was founded as a health insurance plan. The company became the fourth largest health insurer in the United States with annual revenues of $7.4 billion. In Pennsylvania, it covers more than 18 million people through its Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans. The company’s operations centers are in Camp Hill, which are located in western Pennsylvania. Its history is rich in interesting details.



In 1996, the Philadelphia-based company merged with Veritus and became Highmark, which is now known as Blue Cross Blue Shield. The two companies have more than half of the market in Western Pennsylvania. The merger was approved by the Insurance Commissioner Linda Kaiser on November 27, 1996. In addition, the merger involved a number of provisions. The merger required the merging companies to donate $65 million to charitable organizations and devote one percent of their premium revenue to community service programs. The company was also required to stay nonprofit for two years to gain credibility with the public.



Today, Independence Blue Cross employs more than 10,000 people and provides a range of health plans. It is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. It was established in 1938 by the Associated Hospital Service of Philadelphia. Its first member was Philadelphia Mayor S. Davis Wilson. Independence Hall became the first employer group to purchase coverage. The company launched a charitable foundation in October 2011 to support its mission.
Locations of Blue Cross Blue Shield in South Carolina



Blue Cross and BlueShield of South Carolina is a health insurance company based in Columbia, South Carolina. The organization is made up of more than 20 different companies, including the United States DoD health program, Medicare contracts, and a philanthropy foundation. The company also has offices in Texas, Georgia, and Ohio. In 2007, it held 66 percent of the South Carolina health insurance market.



The company offers health insurance plans in all 50 states and is the only independent licensee in South Carolina. Its health insurance plans are affordable, and it offers a wide range of health services. The company has been providing health insurance to South Carolina residents for over 65 years, and is one of the largest provider networks in the state. To find out more about Blue Cross and Blue Shield locations in South Carolina, read on.



The company offers several health insurance plans, including the Health Insurance Marketplace. The company’s BlueEssentials plans are available in various metal levels and include discounts on holistic health services. It has a top A.M. Best rating and has been recognized for its financial stability. Many people are attracted to this company’s low premiums and competitive benefits. Blue Cross and Blue Shield locations in South Carolina offer convenient access to health care services.


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