Movies & TV Shows Where You’ve Seen The Cast

Movies & TV Shows Where You've Seen The Cast
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The recent thriller series The Endgame takes on iconic tropes from the heist genre for an adrenaline-fueled cat-and-mouse game between a criminal mastermind and a FBI agent. As New York bears witness to seven simultaneous heists, the latter must go back to her past to unearth clues.

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Homeland and Dead Pool‘s Morena Baccarin takes charge as the criminal while AllRise and First Wives Club‘s Ryan Michelle Bathé plays the law enforcer tailing her. Other than the two leads, The Endgame boasts a stellar cast of actors who have had popularity in cult classics like Beverly Hills 90210 most recent favorites like The Americans.


Morena Baccarin – Homeland (2011-2020)

The leading lady of The Endgame Morena Baccarin is known for her roles in firefly and its accompanying movie Serenity along with appearances in the two Dead Pool superhero comedies and Gotham.

However, it is her performance in Homeland that earned her an Emmy nomination. In the political thriller series, Baccarin plays Jessica Brody, the wife of protagonist Nicholas Brody. When Nicholas returns after eight years of captivity, their marriage goes through several highs and lows. Baccarin’s character adds a lot of dramatic depth as she explores themes like mid-life crisis and infidelity.

Ryan Michelle Bathe – Sylvie’s Love (2020)

Ryan Michelle Bathe smiling in Sylvie's Love

The Endgame‘s secondary protagonist is FBI agent Val Turner played by Ryan Michelle Baithe. With main roles in shows like Boston Legal (Season 2) and First Wives Clubshe has also appeared in a few movies, the latest of which was Prime Video’s Sylvie’s Love.

Set in the 1950s, the period romantic drama deals with two professionally-inclined individuals exploring a romance that evolves with time. As Tessa Thompson’s heroine Sylvie Parker struggles to carve her space in the era’s racist showbiz, she crosses paths with Bathe’s Kate Spencer, a cooking show producer under whom Sylvie works as a production assistant.

Costa Ronin – The Americans (2013-2018)

Oleg sitting at desk and looking up at someone

Costa Ronin’s nationality is Australian but he was born and raised in Russia. It is this Russian heritage that is reflected in several of his characters. Even in The EndgameRonin stars as a character called Sergei Vodianov.

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Hence, it is not surprising to find as a character on the spy thriller series The Americans which is set in the Cold War era. As Oleg Igorevich Burov, Ronin plays the head of the KGB’s Directorate X Department that mostly contributes to scientific intelligence.

Jordan Johnson-Hinds – Suits

Oliver Grady standing in a courtroom and looking at a woman

Apart from playing Agent Turner’s associate Anthony Flowers in The EndgameJordan Johnson-Hinds has had supporting acts in shows like Upload, Nursesand Suits.

The latter legal drama deals with the everyday pursuits of confident and charming lawyer Harvey Specter. However, in its nine-season run, there are all sorts of lawyers represented in the narrative. Hinds similarly plays Oliver Grady, an attorney from Eastside Legal Clinic. He fails in his legal career as he is afraid of confrontations, especially in the courtroom. Hence, this supporting character on Suits defeats the entire purpose of being a lawyer!

Mark Damon Espinoza – Beverly Hills 90210 (1990-2000)

Mark Damon Espinoza joins The Endgame cast as series regular Rogelio Réal but he is otherwise known for his first-ever starring role as Jesse Vasquez in the teen TV drama series Beverly Hills, 90210.

At a time when LatinX representation was still nascent in popular television, Espinoza’s Jesse turned out to be a breath of fresh air. Tea Beverly Hills, 90210 character is introduced as a mature law student who seems to have his life sorted out. However, in the face of life-changing events like the birth of his daughter and an extramarital affair, Jesse’s vulnerabilities are revealed.

Noah Bean – Damages (2007-2012)

Noah Bean and Rose Byrne standing next to each other in Damages

Nikita star Noah Bean is currently a series regular on The Endgame. He stars as an FBI ADIC (Assistant Director in Charge) named Jonathan Doak. But prior to this, he was best known as David Connor in the FX legal thriller series Damages.

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Starring Glenn Close as the lawyer Patty Hewes, each season of Damages focuses on a particular case that she and her associates get involved in. In the debut season, Bean’s David is introduced as the fiance of Ellen, a lawyer working under Patty. Much of the season’s subplots focus on their tumultuous relationship and the chaos that ensues after David’s murder.

Kelly AuCoin – Billions

"Dollar" Bill Stearn from Billions sitting at his desk, smiling.

House of Cards and The Americans alumnus Kelly AuCoin appears in The Endgame as the US Attorney General Reed Doblin. One of his recent popular credits include the financial thriller series trillion in which he plays the character “Dollar” Bill Stearn.

The show revolves around a US attorney and a hedge fund kingpin as they engage in a constant battle of wits. Bill Stearn is an ally of the latter, serving as one of his most profitable trade partners. In the first three seasons, Bill was a recurring supporting character on trillion but has now been promoted to a series regular.

Jenna Stern – Block 16 (2006)

Jenna Stern standing outside an ambulance in Block 16

Jenna Stern plays Secretary Joan Bradbury, the head of the US Department of Homeland Security in The Endgame. The actress has had several TV credits including several seasons of Law & Order.

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When it comes to movies, she had a significant role in Richard Donner’s movie, an action-thriller called Block 16. The movie stars Bruce Willis and Mos Def as a policeman with alcoholism and a witness whose life is in danger. As are on the run from a ruthless criminal, Willis’ character often relies on his sister who is played by Jenna Stern. Her character is a paramedic who puts her life on the line to protect the witness.

Kamal Bolden – Keys To The City (2019)

Kamal Bolden Harris standing at a podium in Keys to the City

The Endgame‘s Elgin Turner aside, Kamal Bolden has played characters in shows like Chicago Fire and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit along with movies like Vacation Friends and The Night Before.

But when it comes to leading roles, the political drama Keys to the City is his most popular title. In this BET exclusive, Bolden plays a dashing, young politician who aspires to be the youngest mayor of Atlanta. But in his journey, his own mentor ends up being a political opponent. Keys to the City offers an interesting glimpse into how personal motivations can play a major role in electoral politics.

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