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Miles Morales’ Captain America Origin Makes Black Widow His Nemesis

Miles Morales' Captain America Origin Makes Black Widow His Nemesis
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Miles Morales becomes Captain America in a new What If… story, one where Black Widow plays the villain and kills someone very close to him.

Warning: preview images for What If… Miles Morales Became Captain America #1 are ahead!

In Marvel Comics, Miles Morales is best known for being one of the many Spider-People that populate its comics universe. Having originated from the Ultimate universe, he’s no stranger to extradimensional threats and surviving the death of the multiverse. A new preview from Marvel for What If… reimagines Miles taking on the role of Captain America, and features an ill encounter with Natasha Romanoff, better known as Black Widow.

marvel’s What If… is a comic book anthology series from the 1970s that puts a twist on key events in Marvel’s past, all narrated by the celestial being, Uatu the Watcher. An animated version of the series for the Marvel Cinematic Universe came out in 2021 on Disney+. The first volume of What If… was released in 1977 and ran until 1984, and since then the series has seen several reboots. What If… is significant in Marvel canon because it’s regarded as the first iteration of the multiverse.


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The preview for Cody Ziglar’s and Paco Medina’s What If…Miles Morales Became Captain America #1 introduces readers to a Captain America decked out in a blue and black version of the classic stars and stripes. He is on a mission in Vlasihka, Russia with his uncle Aaron, better known as the Prowler in the mainstream Marvel Universe. In his internal monologue, Miles recalls what he’s learned from his uncle, while the two are seen in a helicopter together that is soon taken out by an RPG. Aaron falls to his death, and it’s revealed that Black Widow is the one who fired the rocket.


Miles-Morales-Captain-America-CREDITS PREVIEW

Miles-Morales-Captain-America-PAGE 1 PREVIEW

Miles-Morales-Captain-America-PAGE 2 PREVIEW

Miles-Morales-Captain-America-PAGE 3 PREVIEW

Miles-Morales-Captain-America-PAGE 4 PREVIEW

Black Widow is only in one panel, but it’s enough to make her mark on this version of Captain America’s life. It’s unclear how similar this Miles is to Earth-616 Miles, but if they’re anything alike, he will certainly want justice for his uncle. And although this is What If…, Black Widow’s crime isn’t out of character either, having done villainous deeds in her past. The preview continues with Miles launching a raid on some mercenaries before ending with a crosshair centered on his head. At this point in time, it’s not clear who this is, but the orientation of the scope resembles the outline of an hourglass, Black Widow’s famous symbol.

Natasha Romanoff is too major of a character for just a one panel appearance, especially considering the results of that panel. Her and Miles will most likely meet again later in the issue, or further down the line in Miles’ Captain America story. Fans can see how Miles Morales handles this problem with Black Widow when What If… Miles Morales Became Captain America #1 releases in comic book stores on March 2nd, 2022.

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