Martyn Ford asks his fans to stop showing “hate” towards rival Iranian Hulk

Martyn Ford asks his fans to stop showing "hate" towards rival Iranian Hulk
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Ford will take on the Iranian Hulk – real name Sajjad Gharibi – in a boxing fight on April 2 in London but has called on his fans to respect his rival

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Martyn Ford floors Iranian Hulk during face-off

Martyn Ford has demanded his fans show respect to boxing rival Iranian Hulk.

Ford, who is also known as the World’s Scariest Man, will take on the Hulk – whose real name is Sajjad Gharibi – in London on April 2.

The rivals came face to face on in Dubai on Friday with the Hulk attempting a takedown before he was shoved to the ground.

Ford has now returned to England and has pleaded with his fans to stop “hating” on his opponent.

“We have landed back in the UK, it’s been one hell of a crazy few days,” he wrote on Instagram. “I will say one thing, after meeting the Hulk, and seeing some of his videos in the last 48 hours, YES we are due to have a boxing match, BUT I do not want to see any hate towards him.

“We have both stepped into a pressure cooker. It’s not an environment either of us are used to … BUT please show some compassion for his feelings, no matter what you feel … WE ARE ALL HUMAN, WE ARE BETTER than this .”

Martyn Ford and the ‘Iranian Hulk’ faced off in Dubai

It is unclear which videos Ford is referring too but his opponent posted a concerning message on his own social media account.

“I came to Dubai without any sponsor by selling assets, without a coach and without any support. I wish for death.

“Oh God, you are the witness of how much I have suffered. I am ashamed of Iranian people.”

Ford’s fans were quick to praise the giant heavyweight with one saying, “Great attitude man, a true person to follow.”

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Another feared Gharibi has put himself in over his head by accepting the fight, adding: “You are generous man. Iranian Hulk is too young, I hope you understand it.”

But another cautioned: “Please don’t consider Sajjad Gharibi as the representative of Iran. He fights for personal goals and he has nothing to do with our country’s martial arts, we have great athletes, bigger than both of you.”

Ford’s clash with Gharibi is the latest celebrity fighting clash and will take place just two weeks after former strongmen champions Eddie Hall and Thor Bjornsson clash in Dubai.

The rivals were due to meet last September but Hall suffered a torn bicep and was forced to withdraw.

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