Lego’s new 979-piece Thor hammer set allows Marvel fans to have a little piece of Mjölnir for themselves

Lego’s new 979-piece Thor hammer set allows Marvel fans to have a little piece of Mjölnir for themselves
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If you’ve always dreamed of living your own Marvel fantasy, Lego has got you covered with its latest launch – and it’s seriously epic.

From Iron Man (£34.99, to Thanos’s infinity gauntlet (£64.99,, many of the MCU’s superheroes and famous paraphernalia have been immortalized in the brand’s iconic bricks and now it’s the turn of everyone’s favorite thunder god , Thor.

Back to celebrate The Infinity SagaLego is putting Thor’s iconic magical hammer, otherwise known as Mjölnir, in the hands of master builders.

Allowing you to have a little piece of Asgard for yourself, the set contains a whopping 979 pieces and measures 46cm tall, making it the perfect piece to show off in your home.

Ready to wield the power of almighty Thor? Here’s everything you need to know about the premium set, including how much it costs and when you’ll be able to get your hands on one.

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Lego Thor’s hammer 76209: £104.99,


  • Price: £104.99
  • Number of pieces: 979
  • Ages: 18+

Designed with adult model makers in mind, Lego’s Thor hammer set is a lasting reminder of an epic saga that any superhero fan would be proud to put on display.

Measuring 46cm tall, the model is a challenging yet rewarding build that consists of 979 pieces and rests securely on a stand with an information plate.

An ideal collectable for Thor fans, there’s even more fun to discover inside the hammer once it’s been built as there’s a secret opening where you can store the extra goodies that come with it. The set comes with a small Lego minifigure of Thor holding his hammer, as well as three mini models of the infinity gauntlet, tesseract and Odin’s fire.

If you’re hoping to wield the mighty weapon, the bad news is that you’ll have a slight wait on your hands as the set isn’t available to purchase until Tuesday 1 March.

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If you can’t quite wait that long to get building, there are plenty of other hefty Lego builds that can keep you busy, including the all-new spinning globe.


  • Price: £174.99
  • Number of pieces: 2585
  • Ages: 18+

The perfect gift for nomads, Lego’s globe allows you to explore far-flung destinations from the comfort of your own home. Consisting of a massive 2,585-pieces, the set is a realistic, customizable brick-built Earth globe that features printed names of the continents.

But, that’s not all. It also shows the world’s oceans, which glow in the dark so you can display and see the world day and night. Plus, once built the model even recreates the spinning movement of a traditional globe – a first for a Lego globe of this scale.

Builders will also treated to a vintage-style ship and compass icons, which can attach to the globe, plus a “The Earth” nameplate that can be added to the base as the finishing touch to your display, which we think will make a worthy addition to any home.

Read more about Lego’s globe set here

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