Hulk Hogan’s 5 Worst Rivalries In WWE (And 5 In WCW)

Hulk Hogan's 5 Worst Rivalries In WWE (And 5 In WCW)
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The legendary career of hulk hogan featured strong stints in both WWE and WCW. An argument can be made that Hogan was the greatest face character in WWE history and the greatest heel character in WCW history. However, things weren’t perfect in either promotion for Hogan as he had some misfires for negative results.

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Hogan was the wrestler that most of the roster in each promotion wanted to work with since he represented a top spot. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for quite a few names who took part in disappointing rivalries. Hogan was a flawed performer, even with his star power, making the following feuds the worst of his time in WWE and WCW.

10 WWE: Yokozuna

Yokozuna WWE Champion

The terrible WrestleMania 9 ending of Hulk Hogan beating Yokozuna for the WWE Championship after Yokozuna beat Bret Hart is still mocked today. Yokozuna ended up getting his win back over Hogan before he left the company, but it was not good television.

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Hogan didn’t care to make Yokozuna look strong and needed a bizarre finish of a corrupt cameraman blinding him with a fireball. Yokozuna should have benefited more from beating Hogan, but the feud was a complete disappointment.

9 WCW: The Giant

The Giant WCW

Hulk Hogan handpicked The Giant to be his next big WCW feud when discovering the now legend Big Show in the mid-90s. WCW booked The Giant as the son of Andre the Giant despite having no relation at all in real life.

The feud completely tanked with moments like Giant falling off a roof, Hogan losing the WCW Championship via DQ, and horrible match after horrible match. Even the follow-up feuds of Hogan being in the New World Order failed to improve the rivalry.


8 WWE: Randy Orton

Randy Orton

One of the final WWE storylines for Hulk Hogan saw him having a program with the younger Randy Orton. WWE wanted to use Orton’s reputation of “The Legend Killer” against the biggest legend in the company’s history.

The storyline started off poor when Orton made a pass at Brooke Hogan and Hulk was upset about it. WWE couldn’t get much mileage of the feud as the one match at Summer Slam 2006 is barely discussed as Hogan won and never came back.

7 WCW: Vader

Vader WCW Champion

Vader seemed like the perfect opponent for Hulk Hogan when the latter joined WCW. The company booked Vader as the most dominant monster heel for years and Hogan made a reputation of storylines with monster heels in WWE.

WCW however never booked Vader strong when he was placed in a feud with Hogan. The momentum was lost heading into the big matches, and no one bought Vader as having a realistic chance at ending Hogan’s title reign.

6 WWE: King Kong Bundy

King Kong Bundy

The choice for Hulk Hogan’s opponent in the main event of WrestleMania 2 was slim pickings with few logical options on paper. King Kong Bundy was placed in the massive spot after years of playing the monster heel in the wrestling business.

WWE even added the steel cage match stipulation to add more excitement for the lackluster program. Bundy lost the match in one of the most forgettable main events in WrestleMania history. Hogan didn’t have strong chemistry with Bundy to have noteworthy tips.

5 WCW: Billy Kidman

Billy Kidman

WCW tried to change the guard in 2000 by having younger wrestlers feuding with the legends of the New Blood vs Millionaire’s Club. Hulk Hogan was placed in a feud with Billy Kidman after making insulting comments about his drawing power in an interview.

Kidman was meant to become a bigger star by working with Hogan, but he went the opposite direction. The wins for Kidman came in overly unfair situations before he eventually jobbed out. Kidman benefited more from his work as a face in the cruiserweight and tag divisions.

4 WWE: The Undertaker

The Undertaker Paul Bearer

WWE placed Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker in feuds multiple times with a decade in between. The Undertaker won his first WWE Championship from Hogan, but it just ended with the belt being vacated and no payoff to the feud.

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Another program came in 2002 when Hogan returned to WWE and eventually turned face. Undertaker once again won the WWE Championship from Hogan, but this was considered one of the worst matches of the Ruthless Aggression Era.

3 WCW: The Butcher

The Butcher Betays Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan used his power to help his best friend Ed Leslie get hired when joining WCW. It was already a bit blatant, but Leslie getting a main event push made it too on the nose. The Butcher was the gimmick given to him when he turned on Hogan.

WCW had arguably the worst main event in Starrcade history when Hogan defeated The Butcher to end the awful feud. The early years of Hogan in WCW disappointed before the New World Order heel turn due to programs like this.

2 WWE: Sid Justice


WWE wanted to push Sid Justice in a major role after signing him away from WCW. The idea of ​​feuding with Hulk Hogan for a WrestleMania 8 match seemed perfect on paper. However, everything about the feud was a complete disaster.

Sid fairly eliminated Hogan from the 1992 Royal Rumble, but Hogan was upset and pulled Sid over the top rope afterwards. WWE made Sid the heel despite having a fair point and it led to a terrible match on the biggest stage. Sid gained nothing from the feud and left the company shortly after.

1 WCW: Ultimate Warrior

Ultimate Warrior Confronts Hulk Hogan

The feud between Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior was one of the best for their respective careers in WWE. However, it found the exact opposite results when Warrior joined WCW to restart the rivalry with Hogan.

WCW added supernatural powers to Warrior’s gimmick, but he was nowhere near as big of a deal as his prime. Tea Halloween Havoc 1998 match between Hogan and Warrior turned into an all-time embarrassing match with botches and a brutal finish. Warrior was phased out of WCW shortly after for such a bad performance.

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