Catalina Díaz

Catalina Díaz

Catalina Díaz is a writer specializing in personal finance with more than 8 years of experience in the financial market. She was born and studied in Córdoba, Argentina. She is passionate about her field and says that, coming from a family of accountants, she decided to specialize in helping people achieve financial health through her books written in a clear and easy to understand way.

She has several published titles, including "How to Plan Your Personal Finances" and "How to Invest Your Money Safely." These books are considered a reference in the financial market and have helped many people understand and organize their personal finances.

In addition to writing books, she is frequently invited as a financial specialist for television and radio programs, and speaks at events around the country. She has a simple and straightforward communication style, which helps people understand financial concepts easily and effectively.

Catalina is also an advocate for financial education from an early age, she believes that teaching children about personal finance from an early age helps them build important skills for the future. She has worked on financial education projects for children and youth and believes it is important to start teaching about finances as early as possible to help people reach their financial goals.

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