Chris Hemsworth’s Future In The MCU Is Teased In Avengers 5: Thor 4 Leaks

Chris Hemsworth's Future In The MCU Is Teased In Avengers 5: Thor 4 Leaks
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Although AVENGERS 5 is still a long way off, the future team is gradually taking shape before fans’ eyes. According to a new leak for Thor: Love and Thunder, a prominent Marvel character will make their debut. However, it has placed doubt on Chris Hemsworth’s Norse God’s future. Both Iron Man and Captain America left the franchise after the events of Avengers: Endgame, leaving a power vacuum that must be filled. Since then, Disney Plus shows have been bridging the gap between films, introducing new characters such as Sylvie from Loki, Captain Carter from What If, and Kate Bishop from Hawkeye.

All of them may join Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but it appears that Thor: Love and Thunder will introduce a new member to the team. According to a recent leak, Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman, will play The Mighty Thor. And it’s not just for one film. Following the critical and commercial success of Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok, in which the studio emphasized Hemsworth’s comedic side, the director returns to direct part four. He’s already described it as “the weirdest film” he’s ever made, with the caveat that “it shouldn’t make sense.”

The premise of the film is unknown, although it will feature the return of Jane Foster, as well as Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie searching for her queen to oversee New Asgard. Jane will wield a new Mjolnir in the film, transforming into The Mighty Thor, which is based on the comic of the same name. She has cancer in the original plot, and Thor gives her his powers in order to keep her alive. She takes them unwillingly, resulting in a tragic and strange scenario for the characters.

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