While the checkra1n application is designed for physical computers, it can also be deployed on Android handsets. The Ra1nbox device runs Linux as its core operating system. In fact, checkra1n is compatible with any Android device, including the Nexus Player. Read on to learn more about checkra1n. Here are a few things to keep in mind. Checkra1n has a hefty price tag.

Support for Apple TV

If you’re looking for a jailbreak for your Apple TV, you’re in luck. Checkra1n supports Apple TV on tvOS 13 and earlier. The jailbreak uses the Checkm8 exploit, which works on iOS versions without SHSH support. It also supports dual-booting. And unlike most other jailbreak tools, Checkra1n supports Apple TV on tvOS 13.

The tool requires an Apple development membership, which you can get here. Next, you need a USB cable. In addition, you’ll need your UDID number and the special characters that come with your device. If you don’t have these characters handy, copy them now. Then, download the latest version of Checkra1n and install it. After the update, you can install apps from Apple TV on your PC.

The latest version of checkra1n for Apple TV allows you to connect via USB for 4K devices. It also fixes an issue with LaunchDeemon on some platforms. Users of checkra1n for Apple TV should also have no trouble installing the tool. But be warned that this tool is not for everyone. This tool is not compatible with A10 devices. It is best to have a rooted iPhone or iPad, as it will require rooting the device.

If you’ve recently purchased an Apple TV, you can use the checkra1n jailbreak tool to unlock your device. It supports iOS 12.0 to tvOS 14.6 Beta. Just make sure to have your Apple TV connected to your Mac before you begin. Then, you’ll need to add your Apple account. Checkra1n jailbreak will unlock your device and make it compatible with tvOS 4K.

You should find the checkra1n application in the /Applications folder of your iOS device. Next, connect your Apple device to your Android device using the USB cable. You should also find the checkra1n binary in the directory that allows it to execute. And the binary should match Android’s uarch. Once you’ve done that, the USB ID of your device should be 05ac:1227.

Improved reliability

Recently, Apple released a new iOS update and a fix for the problem of BFU acquisition in iPhones. The fix is not compatible with iPhone 6s. To fix this problem, the developers have updated checkra1n. The software is now more reliable, and it supports future iOS versions. As a result, you can now deploy checkra1n without a physical computer. It is also possible to deploy checkra1n from Android handsets, which run Linux. Moreover, you can use a Ra1nbox, a NanoPi Neo2-powered box that runs Linux as its core operating system.


A new update to checkra1n is available for iOS devices. This version allows users to disable USB restrictions and connect to the target device through port 44 rather than 22. This update also adds support for iOS 13.5 and 13.4, fixing problems with manual updating, incorrect rights and logging. Earlier, the update only supported iOS devices. Now, iOS 13.5 and 13.4.1 support are included. Users can fix manual updating problems and receive error messages when their device is in BFU mode.

Among the changes made to checkra1n is the ability to skip version checking on new versions. This feature is especially useful for iOS devices, which often have frequent updates. The tool also no longer requires Internet access to run, making it more convenient for mobile users. However, the exploit for iOS devices may not work reliably on Raspberry Pi devices. For details, visit the project’s issue tracker. The team is currently working on a different solution for New Year’s Eve 2021.