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Captain America Disagrees With Fans On Star-Lord’s Infinity War Mistake

Captain America Disagrees With Fans On Star-Lord's Infinity War Mistake
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Some fans still haven’t forgiven Star-Lord for his Avengers: Infinity War blunder. However, after Marvels #8, Captain America might forgive him.

Spoilers for marvels #8!

The biggest mistake that Star-Lord makes in Avengers: Infinity War essentially cost his team the battle against Thanos, but the comic version of Captain America wouldn’t hold it against him. As the epic 2018 movie was nearing its climax, the Avengers miraculously subdue Thanos long enough to take away his Infinity Gauntlet. At least, they would have if, in a blind rage, Star-Lord didn’t attack Thanos upon discovering he killed his beloved Gamora. This gave Thanos the window he needed to overpower the group and, ultimately, escape.

Similarly, Warbird abandoned her position to attack Lady Lotus in a blind rage of her own in marvels #8 by Kurt Busiek and Yidiray Clnar. Just when the title team had their foe on the ropes, it took a small, vague assumption from Warbird, thinking Lotus captured her father after scenting his final trails, for everything to fall apart. Ironically enough, the fumble led to the whole team being captured.


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Both situations are massive fumbles on the part of these heroes, but the difference is key. While Star-Lord’s fumble failed to receive sympathy from either the characters in-universe or the audiences watching, Warbird’s blunder at least earned sympathy from Captain America. “We all make mistakes,“Cap reassures Warbird before they even have a chance to free themselves.”I can understand why you were upset,“he then offers his condolences after she explains her backstory, telling her he’s “sorry.”

panel from Marvels #8

Captain America knows Warbird well enough to not only know that she otherwise is a competent member of the team when she isn’t under distress, he knows enough about her backstory to understand where that distress comes from. But more importantly, he understands that she’s human. All superheroes (well, most of them at least) are portrayed as human behind the mask and cape. Even if they’re something other than human, like an alien, superheroes still encompass humanity. That is a fact that often gets overlooked in grand stories like this in both comic books and comic book movies, where superheroes are idealized as remarkable idols and myths among men. They are superhuman, yes, but there is a semblance of humanity there and all humans are prone to mistakes.

Cap is prepared to forgive Warbird so easily because as a superhuman himself, he understands that same humanity that makes us regular humans prone to mistakes, not to mention his natural sense of compassion and empathy. Maybe audiences should allow the same kind of grace that Captain America would have for heroes like Warbird and Star-Lord.

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