8 MCU Heroes Who Totally Act Like Villains

8 MCU Heroes Who Totally Act Like Villains
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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is just an ubiquitous name in entertainment right now. With consistently high-rated movies and television shows, this comic book-like film universe has changed the game in terms of superhero movies. A large part of its success comes down to its stable of likable and unique characters.

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Most of the time it is pretty clear to tell which is the good guy and which is bad, but some Marvel heroes have managed to blur that line with their actions. Whether they simply made some poor choices or went fully evil, these heroes may not always earn that title.



The Hulk showing his rage

To be fair to Bruce Banner, most of his villainous actions aren’t necessarily his fault. Turning into a huge monster with very little control over itself is a decent excuse for some of his more egregious misdeeds. Even so, Hulk has managed to do some pretty bad things throughout the MCU.

He has unintentionally killed untold numbers of innocent people during his rampages, as well as racking up a huge body count of prisoners in the Grandmaster’s arena in Thor: Ragnarok. Couple that with the numerous cities that he has destroyed and he could be on par with some villains in terms of collateral damage, even if it isn’t on purpose.

Captain Marvel

Brie Larson Carol Danvers Captain Marvel powers

Captain Marvel has yet to do anything particularly evil, but there is one big issue that casts some shadow on her. While her role in the war against the mostly innocent Skrulls can be forgiven since she was lied to about the war, her absence through most of the MCU’s biggest conflicts is questionable at best. She can’t solve every problem in the universe, of course.

However, she is nowhere to be found through an alien invasion of Earth, the destruction of Asgard, and her old pal Ronan using an Infinity Stone to slaughter an entire planet. This is more of a plot hole for the movies than a lack of compassion for the character but is still something that might rub some the wrong way.


Odin leading Thor and Loki through a chamber.

Odin is not necessarily the main hero, more of a supporting character for Thor, but he is usually at least on the side of right in his movies. That being said, what he does in those movies is not always particularly heroic. Most notably in Thor: The Dark WorldOdin goes down a dark path that sees him do some pretty awful things in his war against the dark elves.

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Odin brings the battle to Asgard where scores of soldiers and civilians are killed and refuse Thor’s offer to try other options to save their home. Thor even calls him out as no better than the villain, and thankfully by the end, Odin has seen the error of his ways.


Black Widow and Okoye in Wakanda in Infinity War

Okoye has more of a supporting sidekick role in Black Panther, although for a good portion of the movie she chooses to work against T’Challa and his allies. Okoye is sworn to defend the throne of Wakanda. Unfortunately, this means that when T’Challa is seemingly killed, Okoye and the other Dora Milaje must follow the new king, Killmonger.

Even though she knows it is wrong, Okoye decides not to help Nakia and the other heroes because of her oath, only changing her mind when T’Challa reappears alive, meaning that she can rejoin the heroes again on a technicality. Okoye doesn’t personally do anything evil, but she does support the villain against her better judgment.

The Guardians Of The Galaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy in the Avengers Infinity War trailer

The Guardians of the Galaxy are far from the traditional heroes that make up most of the rest of the MCU, but they are the side of good in their movies. Just because they are the movie’s “good guys” though, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are all good.

Each of the Guardians has a rap sheet of crimes a mile long, and are willing to take some shady jobs even after saving Xandar in the first film. Rocket constantly endangers the rest of the team with his schemes, Drax is driven entirely by revenge, and Star-Lord helps doom half of the universe by blowing the plan to get the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos. They have a long way to go, but they’re trying their best.

Doctor Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Trailer

Doctor Strange does not ever truly act like a villain, but he has made a lot of questionable decisions during his time as Sorcerer Supreme. He has always played fast and loose with the incredibly dangerous powers of both magic and the Time Stone, and in his first movie, he even manages to completely push away his long-time love interest.

His worst offense is in Spider-Man: No Way Home when he goes against Wong’s warnings to wipe the minds of the whole world. Part of the blame for it going wrong falls on Spiderman, but in both the spell itself and his attempts to fix it, Strange is far from innocent.

Nick Fury

Nick Fury in the MCU

As the leader of a super-secret intelligence agency, most of Nick Fury’s actions were always going to be at least a little shady. He believes that everything he does is for the greater good, and it arguably could be, but he still has quite a bit to answer for.

He routinely lies to all of the Avengers whenever it suits his needs, he briefly takes Mysterio’s side against Spiderman with almost no background check after hijacking a high school field trip, and he is caught using the Tesseract to create weapons of mass destruction. The ends may justify the means, but some of Nick Fury’s means have been pretty bad.

The Punisher

To call the Punisher a hero may be a bit of an overstatement, as he is firmly labeled as an anti-hero in the comics. As the protagonist of his show though, he still counts. In Netflix’s shows, Frank Castle is brutally violent to anyone he deems in need of some punishment and is happy to use others however he needs to to get his revenge.

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He even serves as one of the primary antagonists for a significant portion of Daredevil‘s season 2 before his slight course correction back into morally gray territory. Frank Castle has killed more people than many of the MCU’s villains, and though most of them have deserved it, he is one of Marvel’s most villainous heroes.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch in WandaVision

Scarlet Witch is a likable and fantastically complex character most of the time, but she is also one of the few Marvel superheroes to delve completely into villain territory on multiple occasions. When she is first introduced in Age of Ultron, she and her brother are working with Hydra and Ultron to destroy the Avengers.

Thankfully she redeems herself and joins the Avengers for the next several movies. With her show Wanda Vision however, Scarlet Witch has once again completely a villain, albeit a somewhat unintentional one, as she puts an entire town under a spell so that she can live out an idyllic life with a recreation of Vision.

Iron Man

Tony Stark reveals his Iron Man identity.

Iron Man may have kicked off the entire series and remains one of the MCU’s best characters, but it is hard to argue that he has caused almost as many problems as he has solved. His most egregious crime was creating Ultron, which he never even acknowledged was wrong, but he was also responsible for breaking up the Avengers in Civil War. He also lies to Spider-Man, a minor, to convince him to fight the other Avengers.

The central conflict of many MCU movies can be directly tied back to Tony Stark, and he made enough enemies that they are still turning into villains even after he is gone. Iron Man may be one of the MCU’s greatest heroes, but he is also one of its biggest liabilities.

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