10 Places Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones Could Show Up In The MCU

10 Places Krysten Ritter's Jessica Jones Could Show Up In The MCU
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Jessica Jones was the second of Netflix’s Marvel shows, running for three seasons before its abrupt cancellation, along with all of the other series in the lineup. The title character, played by Krysten Ritter, has been missing ever since, with little hope for a return – until recently.

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Fans of Marvel’s Netflix series were given new hope last year when Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio reprized their roles as Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk, respectively, in the MCU. Now, fans are theorizing tirelessly about where and when they may see the other Netflix characters make their return, including the beloved Jessica Jones.


she hulk

Marvel She Hulk show logo

she hulk is set to premiere later this year, introducing Jennifer Walters, the cousin of Bruce Banner, to the MCU. Walters is known in the comics as a superhero lawyer, often taking on cases where regular lawyers might find themselves in over their heads. The series has been confirmed to follow that formula, being described as a “legal drama.”

There are plenty of Marvel characters that fans hope make an appearance in she hulk, which promises to be a different kind of Marvel series, more grounded than its predecessors. This legal drama has a perfect opening for Jessica Jones to return, whose private investigating business could prove necessary in one of Jennifer Walters’s cases.

Secret Invasion

Samuel L Jackson as old Nick Fury in Secret Invasion

One of the series that fans are most excited about in 2022 is Secret Invasionwho will follow former SHIELD director Nick Fury and his compatriot, Maria Hill, as they learn of a Skrull invasion of earth that has been going on for years under the radar.

Secret Invasion promises to change the MCU forever by revealing some longtime Marvel characters as Skrull duplicates, sent to infiltrate Earth in secret. The comic book event of the same name revealed several key superheroes as Skrull imposters, which the MCU will likely do as well. Jessica Jones’s investigation skills could come in handy when it comes down to discovering who is an alien imposter and who is not.

The Defenders Season 2

Disney Plus Defenders

In 2017, Netflix gathered its four main superheroes in an Avengers event of their own for a limited series titled The Defenders. Though the crossover series was met with mixed reviews, it still proved titillating for viewers to see some of their favorite television heroes team up to fight evil.

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The MCU has grown immensely over the past several years, churning out four films and up to five streaming series a year. Introducing each Netflix character one by one in their own series once more could prove exhausting and, ultimately, difficult to schedule. An easy way out for Marvel Studios would be to bring the Defenders back all at once in another season of their crossover series, thereby giving them the potential to appear in other MCU projects moving forward.


Hawkeye Echo Maya Lopez

Alaqua Cox made her debut as Maya Lopez, a criminal working under the Kingpin in the Disney+ series Hawkeye at the end of last year. Before the show had even premiered, however, Marvel Studios had already greenlit a spinoff revolving around the character, titled Echo.

Many believe that the series will explore Maya’s revenge against the Kingpin for having her father murdered by the Ronin. If this is the case, she will need all the help she can get against the powerful gang boss, possibly including the work of private detective Jessica Jones, who could investigate Wilson Fisk’s criminal dealings, perhaps exposing him to the world.

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is only a few months away, and already fans are theorizing as to what changes it may make to the MCU. There are plenty of past Marvel characters that fans are yearning to see in Multiverse of Madnessbut perhaps Krysten Ritter’s superheroine could be among those who make a surprising return.

While it has been hinted that the Netflix series all exist within the MCU, many have theorized that they could rather exist “just outside” the MCU, in an adjacent universe. This would allow the characters that worked, like Jones to return without obligating a return from characters that didn’t, like Finn Jones’s Iron Fist. If this is the case, then Multiverse of Madness is the most logical place for Jessica Jones to make her return.

What If…? Season 2

The watcher Ultron supreme doctor strange Marvel Finally Fixed What If problems

The animated What If…? series is not bound to many of the traditional rules that keep certain MCU stories grounded, or tied to any one particular story. This anthology series has the freedom to explore any number of scenarios about any of the MCU characters, which is one of the reasons that fans are so excited for its second season.

While What If…? generally doesn’t take to introducing new characters to the MCU, it has already featured the return of several long-forgotten characters. The show’s third episode included the return of Betty Ross, who hadn’t made an appearance in the MCU since 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. Therefore, it isn’t out of the question for Jessica Jones to make a surprise appearance in the second season of the show.


Ms. Marvel as Iman Vellani.

Ms.Marvel promises to introduce the fan-favorite Inhuman superhero Kamala Khan, who despite her young age, is just as capable of saving the day as her older counterparts. Little is yet known about this series other than the fact that it will release this summer, after being delayed from its original release date in December of 2021.

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Perhaps the delay in Ms.Marvel‘s schedule could have been in order to add a certain extra cast member to the series in Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones. It wasn’t until December of 2021 that Netflix characters began popping up in the MCU proper, making the suspiciously timed delay of Ms.Marvel seem to be quite nefarious indeed.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight MCU

The next installment of the MCU will come in the form of the Disney+ series Moon Knight, the character’s live-action debut, as portrayed by Oscar Isaac. The series will explore the character’s split personality disorder, as well as his violent tendencies against the criminal underworld.

Moon Knight has the potential to introduce several characters to the MCU, but perhaps none fit the tone of the series better than Jessica Jones. The down-on-her-luck detective is just a color palate change away from falling into the noir category, whose apathy and drinking problems could play off quite well against Moon Knight’s fractured mind.

Daredevil Season 4

The MCU Version Of Daredevil Should Still Incorporate His Black Suit charlie cox

Of the Marvel Netflix shows that could get a revival on Disney+, Daredevil seems to be the most likely. Already, the show’s two most important characters, Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio, have returned to the MCU, indicating that they have a story yet to be told. At this point, a fourth season of their gritty superhero series seems like an inevitability.

Yew Daredevil proves to be the only Netflix series to get a Disney+ revival, then the odds of other Defenders making a cameo in the series get much higher. The existence of Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock implies the existence of the other Defenders, whose whereabouts would certainly then have to be explored.

Jessica Jones Season 4

With the Marvel/Netflix characters finally on their way to the MCU proper, fans have more hope now than ever that their favorite series could return on Disney+. Now, with the previously aired seasons of these series making the transition to Disney’s streaming service, it seems incredibly likely that some, if not all, could return for more seasons in the near future.

While seeing Krysten Ritter pop up in various MCU projects is a prospect that many fans would find to be incredibly exciting, there really is no better place for the character to exist than in her very own series. Thought Jessica Jones ran for three seasons, which was more than all the other Netflix series, with the exception of Daredevilthere still remains plenty of stories to be told about the character in a fourth season and beyond.

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