10 Iconic West Coast Avengers, Ranked By Likability

10 Iconic West Coast Avengers, Ranked By Likability
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Tea West Coast Avengers have always been admired for their more oddball cast of characters, often including weirdos like Moon Knight and Gwenpool in their ranks. The variety of members and their fascinating ensemble personalities make fans love the roster of the West Coast Team.

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From their founding members in the first issue in 1984 to the latest roster in A Fresh Start, the West Coast Avengers have always been a lot more humble than their mainstream counterparts. That humility has made them strangely more human compared to more legendary and more famous teams.

10 Hawkeye II

Kate Bishop as Hawkeye in Marvel Comics cover

There’s no doubt that Kate Bishop is a rough-and-tumble young adult who will likely rub people the wrong way on their first meeting. It doesn’t help that she’s had a rather volatile upbringing and her mentor isn’t exactly a great social teacher. However, Kate has a strong moral compass, and that penchant for heroism is something that’s admired by a lot of West Avengers members and fans.

The charm of Kate Bishop’s character is that she starts out as incredibly socially inept. Her bluntness prevented her from developing relationships past “I’ll make sure you won’t die.” Her time spent with Clint as well as her friends in the West Coast Avengers has lightened her up significantly, and she’s now easily a fan favorite.

9 war machine

War Machine makes his first appearance.

Sure, many fans could argue that Tony Stark is more charismatic but Rhodey is a lot more qualified for being likable. Being the best friend of perhaps one of the most polarizing figures in the Marvel universe means that you’ve got to be pretty likable. In that regard, Rhodey succeeds.

His everyman personality makes him easy to like among most of the other members. Even in disagreements, it’s often not personal to Rhodey, and it speaks to his character he’s barely had any personal drama when compared to the rest of the tumultuous Avengers.


8 Hawkeye I

Hawkeye Drawing Bow

A hero needs to be charismatic enough to convince people to join what many call the “B-Team” and Hawkeye fits that role very well. He is a jovial and friendly member of the team, and while he might butt heads with a member one day, he’s also quick to cool off and apologize.

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Although he does have some angst being the “normal guy” in most team setups, he doesn’t slow his roll. In particular, he’s been shown to be really good at handling younger heroes, as seen in the A Fresh Start run of West Coast Avengers, plus his protege Kate Bishop.

7 Vision

Vision throwing a punch in Marvel comics

Sure, Vision may have a bad case of hacked/hacked apart from time to time, but he’s one of the most cordial and friendly of the Avengers. Where other Avengers may give new recruits a hard time, Vision is immediately more understanding and offers advice at every turn.

Despite Vision’s many versions, the main android has always been surprisingly one of the most optimistic members of either team. That belief in heroism is what makes the Avengers so attached to the green-and-red synthezoid man, and why he’s been such a mainstay of the revolving Avengers door.

6 Firebird

Firebird in Marvel Comics

Firebird is an often underrated member of the Avengers, and surprisingly powerful to boot. Despite all that, she’s one of the most humble Avengers and has actually talked two major members out of existential dread. First, she managed to convince Hank Pym to not continue with his suicide in The West Coast Avengers flight. 2.

Secondly, she managed to convince Thor himself that human relationships were still worth keeping, even if they are both immortals. That level of empathy despite all her power shows deep respect for the individual in Firebird, and it’s part of why most heroes (and fans) like her.

5 Tigra

Tigra on the cover of Tigra #3 from Marvel Comics.

Tigra’s had a few angsty moments over the years, but she’s always been portrayed as a casual and fun-loving berserker gal. She’s incredibly friendly to the point of being overbearing and acts more like the cool aunt than a co-worker to other heroes.

Probably the most impressive example of her friendliness is befriending (and briefly dating) Moon Knight of all people. In a rather hilarious issue of Jed MacKay’s Moon Knight, she manages to tease Marc about his TV career. If she can be amicable with local angsty boy Marc, she can be amicable with anybody.

4 The Wasp

The Wasp Attacking In Flight

Janet Pym often acts as the team mom, and her maturity and level-headedness are much needed when people are having trouble with her much more emotionally volatile husband. She’s often one of the most welcoming members of the team and enjoys training new recruits.

Her passion for heroism is also quite admirable, and she’s actually the person who came up with the iconic team name of The Avengers. Lastly, she’s been the acting leader of the Avengers, both main and West Coast, second-longest behind Captain America himself.

3 gwenpool


Gwen is one of the most happy-go-lucky heroes in the Marvel universe, and fans love her fourth-wall-breaking ways. In many respects, Gwenpool is essentially just a comic book fan who has somehow ended up in the 616 universes, and that really shines with how much she fangirls over certain characters.

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Gwenpool is very optimistic, and while her mile-a-minute talking makes her annoying to some, most fans find her relatable. Despite her fourth wall knowledge though, she does have a charming naivety to her, and generally believes the best out of everyone because she knows what their best looks like. Usually.

2 thing

Thing Talking To Hulk

Ben Grimm might seem abrasive at first, but he’s one of the most loyal and friendly members of not just the West Coast Avengers, but all the Marvel heroes. Despite being made of stone, his heart is far from it, as he is one of the biggest softies in the Marvel Universe. A happy marriage and a lot of friends are surprisingly rare in the Marvel Universe, and Ben Grimm pulls off both.

He’s got a lot of team affiliations under his belt and is pretty much beloved by almost every hero he’s met. When Hulk of all people considers Ben a close friend who hasn’t ever betrayed him, fans know that Ben’s got a hell of a friendly streak to pull that off. If anybody disagrees, they’ve got the majority of Marvel’s roster of heroes to answer to.

1 Jeff The Baby Landshark

It’s a shark. A shark with little baby legs. A shark with little baby legs named Jeff. There was basically no way anyone could hate this adorable little boy. Yes, he is an actual West Coast Avenger, not just a pet, and to be honest, it’s not like he’s the weirdest member of a team in the Marvel universe.

Strangely, Jeff actually ends up close to one of the at least likable members of the West Coast Avengers, Kid Omega AKA Quentin Quire AKA self-proclaimed jerk. Surprisingly, the affection is reluctantly reciprocated by the egotistical teen. The only flaw with Jeff The Baby Landshark (that’s such a good name) is that he hasn’t shown up in the MCU and stolen people’s hearts.

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