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10 Forgotten Marvel Actors Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Should Bring Back

10 Forgotten Marvel Actors Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Should Bring Back
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after Spider-Man: No Way Home did the impossible and united three different generations of cinematic Spider-Men, the upcoming Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness is set to up the ante even more.

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Doctor Strange’s second solo movie will unleash the multiverse, leading to fans praying for the return of previous Marvel stars like Nicolas Cage or Kirsten Dunst. While these cameos would be fun, these forgotten Marvel actors deserve another shot.

10 Macho Man Randy Savage Needs A Posthumous Tribute

One of the best things about Sam Raimi’s Spiderman trilogy was its eccentric extras. Whether it was random bystanders or people the webcrawler saved, every New Yorker was memorable. The most prominent extra was undoubtedly the wrestler Bonesaw McGraw, portrayed by the unfortunately deceased legend Macho Man Randy Savage.

Aside from the fact that Bonesaw played a major part in Spider-Man’s origin, the Macho Man gave one of the movie’s best performances that still garners love from fans today. It would be questionable to put a CGI stand-in of the old-school wrestler in the movie, but a quick tribute to the Macho Man and his Marvel character would be appreciated.

9 Rebecca Hall Should Have Her Villainous Spotlight

Rebecca Hall Sits By Her Computers In Iron Man 3

As writer/director Shane Black revealed, Iron Man 3 originally revealed Maya Hansen as the nefarious brains behind “The Mandarin.” Producers vetoed this, claiming that toys of male villains sold more. As a result, Hansen was demoted to being Aldrich Killian’s lackey who was then abruptly killed halfway through the movie.

hall being Iron Man 3‘s true villain was one of the polarizing sequel’s many missteps, and she’s sadly been forgotten by even the most dedicated MCU viewers. Yew Multiverse Of Madness will feature alternate realities, a world where Hansen masterminded the Extremis and Mandarin conspiracies would give Hall the spotlight she was robbed of.

8 Terrence Howard & Edward Norton Deserve Some MCU Closure

The First Rhodes And Banner In The MCU

When the MCU was just starting, Howard was Col. James Rhodes (aka War Machine) and Norton was Bruce Banner (aka The Hulk). However, due to irreconcilable contractual and creative differences, the two left on negative terms. Their roles were taken over by Don Cheadle and Mark Ruffalo, respectively, and no one looked back.

Howard and Norton had their own ideas and interpretations of where their characters would go, which unfortunately were never realized following their sudden unceremonious departures. Now that multiversal variants exist, Rhodes and Banner’s alternate selves getting some quick closure could put lingering questions to rest.

7 Rebecca Romijin Is Irreplaceable As Mystique

Mystique Emerges From The Shadows In X Men

With the likes of Halle Berry as Storm or Sir Ian McKellen as Magneto and many more, it’s safe to say that the original X-Men cast is iconic. That being said, Romijin unfortunately never reached the stardom that her fellow mutants did. This, despite the fact that she portrayed Magneto’s most trusted subordinate: the deadly shapeshifter Mystique.

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Not helping matters was how Romijin was overshadowed by Jennifer Lawrence, who played a younger Mystique in the prequel timeline. The last time Romijin appeared in a Marvel movie was her quick uncredited cameo in First Classgoal Multiverse Of Madness could rectify this by giving her more than just a quick glance.

6 Stephen Dorff Was A Villainous Joy To Behold

Deacon Frost Summons His Powers In Blade

Despite simultaneously reviving interest in both Marvel Comics adaptations and superhero movies in the 90s, Blade is often only remembered for starring Wesley Snipes and the opening blood rave. While Snipes was perfect as the Daywalker, the movie was only as good as it was thanks to everyone on board, including Dorff as the villain Deacon Frost.

Dorff’s take on Frost was Blade’s fun foil, as he was a playfully sadistic vampire with deadly ambitions. Blade will be returning soon to the big screen with Mahershala Ali inheriting the character from Snipes. There’s no better time than now to acknowledge the movie that started it all by surprising fans with an unexpected cameo from Dorff.

5 Jennifer Garner Was An Appropriately Campy & Fun Elektra

Elektra Draws Her Blades In Elektra

Time has been kind to Daredevil (2003), though the same can’t really be said for Garner and her spin off, Electra. Garner is often unfairly dismissed as an otherwise strong cast’s weakest link, and this criticism only ramped up in her solo movie. It’s precisely because of these reasons that Garner deserves another chance in Multiverse Of Madness.

In hindsight, Garner wasn’t as bad as her role’s reputation implied. Garner was one of the best action stars of the 2000s, and she brought that energy and physicality to Elektra Natchios – even if her solo movie was a contractual obligation. Seeing her return would be a surprising yet welcome bit of nostalgia for fans of Daredevil and the underrated Electra.

4 Dolph Lungdren Is The Most Underrated Punisher

Frank Castle Threatens A Gangster In The Punisher

When it comes to The Punisher, fans consider Jon Bernthal and Thomas Jane to be the best actors to portray Frank Castle, while Ray Stevenson from Punisher: War Zone is the fun guilty pleasure. Unfortunately, most fans (especially those who grew up after the 80s) forget that the old-school action star Lungdren was the first actor to be The Punisher.

Currently, the MCU hasn’t brought back The Punisher. Multiverse Of Madness wouldn’t just be a good place to do so, but a great way to pay tribute to one of the very first onscreen Marvel heroes. Though his movie languished in direct-to-video obscurity in 1989, time has been kind to Lungdren’s The Punisher, and the MCU should acknowledge its roots.

3 Rila Fukushima Was A More Dramatic & Emotional Yukio

Yukio Fends Off Assassins In The Wolverine

Since it was released between the so-bad-it’s-good X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the tragic Logan, the underrated The Wolverine gets overlooked. In effect, all the characters not portrayed by Hugh Jackman were forgotten. This is a shame, especially for Fukushima, whose Yukio worked great in tandem with Jackman’s Logan.

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Fukushima’s Yukio was integral to Logan’s story and tragedy, but she was effectively usurped by Shiori Kutsuna’s more comedic take on the character in Deadpool 2. Either Fukushima could serve a similar purpose in Multiverse Of Madness and warn Doctor Strange of an ominous fate, or she could formally bring Logan’s solo movies into the MCU canon.

2 Michael Chiklis Was Perfect As The Thing

Ben Grimm In Both Forms In Fantastic Four

Director Tim Story’s Fantastic Four duology was full of miscalculations, but one thing it got right was its casting. Special mention goes to Chiklis, who was perfect as Ben Grimm (aka The Thing) both in his human and post-cosmic ray self. For all the movies’ flaws, its take on The Thing set a high standard that has yet to be topped.

Before the MCU formally introduces its take on Marvel Comics’ first superhero family, it should acknowledge the cinematic legacy it’s succeeding. A great way to do this would be to bring back Chiklis as The Thing if even for one last time, since fans loved him in the role and Chiklis himself is proud of his (clobbering) time as the team’s muscle.

1 Lea Thompson’s Love For Howard The Duck Should Be Rewarded

Beverly Rocks On Stage In Howard The Duck

Despite bombing financially and being prematurely declared as one of the all-time worst movies in 1986, Howard The Duck endured and re-emerged as a cult classic. The cast came to appreciate the silly movie after initially regretting it, but Thompson (who portrayed Howard’s love interest, Beverly) loved it from the very start.

Besides being proud of the movie, Thompson has been trying to reboot Howard, but Marvel rejected her pitches since they had their own plans. They did, however, add her into Howard’s comics. Yew Multiverse Of Madness is as wild as it promises, it should cement Howard The Duck‘s place in the MCU and bring in Thompson as well.

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